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Self Love: Inexpensive Ways to Make Yourself Feel Good

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

So you just got off from working an 8 hour school or

work day to only be stuck in traffic for another hour and a half . Or maybe you are the aspiring actress/model that has been on 3 auditions within the last week and you have an all day photo shoot tomorrow and work all weekend. And let's not forget about the mother who has been cooking and cleaning all day and now you have to head to the ball field for 2 fun hours in the sun cheering on your child.

I know there are many more scenarios I could borrow, but my point is, ladies, we work hard, real hard. And sometimes we are not always gratified by others, including our spouses, parents, children, significant others, friends or co-workers. In these cases you have to take matters in your own hands! You have to learn to make yourself happy. Don't depend on anyone else to give you a smile.

It would be great if we could just go to a luxurious spa for a weekend every time we needed an "escape" but unfortunately we may not have the money or time for those types of rewards on a regular basis.

"Many times we forget some of the healing powers of nature. Sometimes when I become overwhelmed I will just take a walk outside."

It doesn't take an expensive trip or gift to put a smile on your face. Sometimes we forget about the little things that can relax our mood and sooth our hearts. Just in case you have forgotten, here are a few simple ways to keep good energy! :).

  1. Run a bubble bath. It may seem obvious but surprisingly most of us are so busy we almost always utilize the shower for time sake and we forget about the relaxing beauty of a simple bubble bath. Trust me there is nothing more luxurious than a warm bubble bath after a long day at work!! Here is another tip....if you have run out of bubble bath and don't want to fight that traffic again, use a squirt of Dish Detergent. I promise you it is harmless and it will still do the trick ;).

  2. Read!! Take a free day to go to Barnes & Noble, local bookstore or library and stock up on you favorite novel's or literature. Or if you are like me, hit the magazine racks. I can read magazines for hours!! Once you are stocked up, when you are bored or free, go to your bedroom and do just that, read! Turn off the computer, the phone lines, and the TV and you will have your own escape. Its like a two for one. Exercise for your brain, relaxation for your mind.

  3. Visit the park. Many times we forget some of the healing powers of nature. Sometimes when I become overwhelmed I will just take a walk outside. It's amazing how much power fresh air can bring. If you have young children this is also a way you can let them play but still sit and enjoy some "you" time as well. And unlike Chuckee' Cheese---it's FREE!!

  4. Light Scented candles. Usually we think of candles as romantic. And yes it can be but trust me you don't have to be planning a hot date to enjoy the relaxing aroma of a scented candle. They have scented candle stores for special made candles or you can buy them at the dollar store. That's the good thing about a cheap candle...your nose doesn't know its a knockoff.

  5. Explore your creative side. I love to paint and when I do have the chance I still do but if I don't feel like the mess I do graphic work on my computer. I also write music, poetry, draw. Some may enjoy scrap booking, gardening,baking etc. If you enjoy creative work, it will definitely be a nice outlet for relaxation!And even if you don't write music you an always put on your favorite cd(there is healing in music) or visit a museum and look at some beautiful artwork.

  6. Call an old friend. As years go by sometimes we loose touch with some of our earlier friendships. We usually have a circle of friends we communicate with on a regular basis but sometimes its good to just talk to and old friend and catch up. You would be surprised how a phone call from an old friend can cheer you up or make you smile and possibly give you a new perspective on a current situation.

  7. Treat yourself to something "sweet". We watch our calories, diet, exercise, blah blah blah. I definitely keep a healthy diet and advice everyone to but its ok to eat a bowl of ice cream after a 40 hour work week. It's ok to fix some chocolate chip cookies, even when the little ones are away. And yes its ok to buy your own box of chocolates. You don't need Valentine's Day or a Beau to have a box of really good chocolates. Do I recommend this everyday, NO but it is a nice little treat every now and then. Tip: I like to get a hot fudge sunday every blue moon from McDonald's.

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